Tuesday U (Theology)

 At Faith Free we offer FREE theology training to any interested congregants from basic knowledge all the way to seminary classes. For the seminary program, we use the widely-acclaimed Reclaiming the Mind ministry’s materials for weekly classes. This Theology Program is a six-book  curriculum covering everything from the study of the Trinity to the doctrine of salvation to the history of the Bible. Below you will find a complete list of all classes offered.

Basic – First Steps Classes
Classes held Sunday mornings, 8:30 a.m.

Discovery:                                                                   4 classes                                     

Salvation (How can I be saved and go to heaven?), Baptism, Communion, Responsibilities of Members, and The Statement of Faith.

Dynamics:                                                                   3 classes

This class helps participants explore the Dynamics of The New Life in Christ which includes; Daily time with God, overcoming problems with prayer, spirit led prayer, giving to God’s work, small groups and more.

Design:                                                                        3 classes

This is a class that is designed to help participants discover their design or SHAPE. SHAPE stands for Spiritual gifts, Heartbeat (what you love to do), Abilities, Personality, and Experiences.

Advanced – Next Step Classes
Classes are held Tuesday evenings at 6:30 p.m.

Bible Study Tools and Methods:                                8 classes

This is a class in which participants will learn to use the same Bible tools as pastors and elders. Students will present specific theological and practical questions and then will learn the process of finding the answers using Bible tools. Bring your laptop or i-Pad and Bible.

Church History:                                                              8 classes

This is a survey of the significant events in church history such as councils, the formation of denominations, revivals, and a tracing of the evangelical historical roots.

Apologetics and Sharing Your Faith:                        8 classes

Students will learn to answer skeptics with the Word, reason, history, and other resources.

Cults and False Teachings:                                         4 classes

This is a survey of contemporary and historical false teachings and how to recognize them. Beginning with Marcion and ending with Mormonism, this course will equip students to look for key doctrinal errors.

Cannot make it to Stanley?? You’re in luck!
Faith Community Churches have another location for Tuesday U!
Lake Hallie location: Goodwill Retail Store & Training Center:
2759 S Prairie View Rd, Chippewa Falls, WI 54729
Classes are held at 6:30 p.m.
Please call 715-644-2001 with any questions!

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Seminary for lay people

Intro to Theology:                                                       10 classes

This is a theological studies methods course. Its primary purpose is to teach you skills for developing a Christian mind, by helping you construct a solid foundation for thinking through life’s most important issues. This course is a prerequisite to all other required courses of theology.

Bibliology and Hermeneutics:                                    10 classes

This course focuses on the authority, nature, and interpretation (hermeneutics) of the Scriptures. It is designed to help students work through issues that concern the trust they place in the Bible and its interpretation.

Trinitarianism:                                                              10 classes

This course is a study of the nature, existence, and attributes of our Trinitarian God. We will examine the biblical evidence and historical development of our understanding of the doctrine of the Trinity, person of Christ (Christology), and the person of the Holy Spirit (Pneumatology). We will also learn and evaluate the common arguments for the existence of God that philosophers and theologians have put forth over the centuries.

Humanity and Sin:                                                       10 classes

This course is a study the nature of humanity and sin. We will look at the nature of humanity from a biblical perspective examining the what? and why? of man. We will spend time understanding the different theories about the composition of man and attempt to understand what it means to be in the image of God. The issue of free will shall be covered with sensitivity and conviction, tracing the debate through the centuries. We will also wrestle with issues pertaining to the nature, purpose, and design of the sexes, understanding that our stance will ultimately affect our view of marriage and society.

Soteriology:                                                                  10 classes

This course is a study of the nature of salvation. It will focus on the process and responsibilities of salvation from the standpoint of God and from the standpoint of man. We will look both to Scripture and the church history for answers. Focus will be made on the doctrine of justification—the central issue of the Reformation. Much time will be spent attempting to understand the ongoing debate between God’s sovereignty in salvation and man’s responsibility. We will also examine at the different views of the atonement, faith and repentance, eternal security, and the destiny of the unevangelized.

Ecclesiology and Eschatology:                                 10 classes

This course is a study of both the nature and purpose of the Church and a study of the end times. The purpose of this course is to orient people to the program of God throughout the ages, understanding how the Church fits in to His program. The vital relationship between one’s view of the Church and one’s view of the end times will be emphasized. We will come to the understanding that while orthodox Christianity has always believed that Christ is coming back, there are many differences concerning the details of His coming.

Study of Church and the End Times

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Seminary for Lay-People

“If it is your desire to understand what you believe and why you believe it, then The Theology Program is for you. Here you will learn the basic principles of how to think biblically. Rhome and Michael take theology from the top shelf and place it where it belongs-where everyone can reach it.”

– Charles R. Swindoll