Sermons tagged: worship

Loren Davidson
October 16, 2016

Work As Worship – Part 1

Do you give God glory while working? Are you looking for opportunities to show the love of Christ in your work environment? Here’s a message given by Elder, Loren Davidson explaining the importance of sharing our faith and working for the Lord no matter what ‘work’ we are doing. Check it out!

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Pastor Brian Cole
December 27, 2015

Life As Worship

As we leave Bethlehem, as we leave hearing about Jesus, we should have left behind much of ourselves: old grudges, fears and sorrows. We now continue our adventure in life radically different: by praising God and by walking on new and better roads.  

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Pastor Mike Thompson
January 19, 2014

Worship in Six Words

What are the “six big words” that are the beginning of generosity? “I am here for you God.” In the first installment of the “Moving Forward” sermon series, Pastor Mike breaks down what worship truly looks like in a godly congregation.

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