Sermons tagged: life

Mike Unterschuetz
June 26, 2016

John Series (44) The Truth Will Set You Free – Part 1

Please welcome Mike Unterschuetz, pastor in training and member of our church, as our guest speaker for today!

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Pastor Mike Thompson
May 22, 2016

John Series (39) Rivers of Living Water

Last week we discovered crowds of people seeking to discern whether Jesus was the Messiah. We also saw religious leaders filled with pride and blinded to the identity of Jesus. We then discovered the masses had a theology problem; crowds of people could not discern the identity of Jesus because they got their beliefs from…

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Pastor Brian Cole
December 27, 2015

Life As Worship

As we leave Bethlehem, as we leave hearing about Jesus, we should have left behind much of ourselves: old grudges, fears and sorrows. We now continue our adventure in life radically different: by praising God and by walking on new and better roads.  

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Pastor Mike Thompson
April 19, 2015

John Series – In Him Was Life & Light

Today is our second sermon in the book of John. Last week we covered the truth that Jesus Christ is the Word of God. John wanted to tell us that the one who spoke creation into existence in Genesis 1 is The Word in John 1. We know Him as The Lord Jesus Christ. In…

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