Membership Covenant

To be signed yearly in order to vote in meetings.

Building and Grounds

Maintenance Work Request

Does something around the church need attention and repair? Fill out this form and bring it to the church office or fax/email it to

Use of Church Property and Equipment Policy & Request Form

Fill out this form if you would like to rent the church building or a room in the church, or if you’d like to borrow church equipment, e.g. tables, chairs, coffee makers, roasters, etc. Please visit the church office to ensure these items are available. All requests must be approved ahead of time.


Benevolence Requests

Disbursement Form

Please fill out if you would like to request funds from the Benevolence Fund.


Office & Administrative Forms

Communication Form

Please fill out if you’ve changed any of the following: Visiting stance (you were a visitor and now you are a regular attendee), address, home phone number, cell phone number, births or deaths in your immediate family, marital status. These cards are also available in the church lobby.

Expenditure Form for Purchases

Use when making or needing a purchase on the church’s behalf. You will need to consult with your team leader on all purchases before they are made. You will need to know your budget line item number to fill out the form. A complete Chart of Accounts is in the office in an orange folder on Sharon Wundrow’s desk (Church Treasurer). If you have questions, please contact Sharon or Haley in the church office.

Announcement Form for Bulletin and PowerPoint

Need an announcement in the bulletin? Fill this out and give it to Haley in the church office by Thursday noon at the latest to get it in that Sunday.


Children’s Ministries

Youth Medical Release Form

This form is needed for any child participating in a youth outing without parental participation.

Health Form

This form is needed for specific youth events.