Basic Responsibilities of the Church Body

Guiding Principles

1. We seek to exalt God by our worship.
In all that we do corporately or privately, we seek to honor God and bring pleasure to Him!

2. We are led by the Word and the Spirit.
With prayer and contemplation we will allow the Holy Spirit to guide us as we seek to hear God speak to us from the Bible.

3. We extend grace, mercy and forgiveness.
We encourage actions that lead to wholeness, conflict resolution and unity.

4. We will speak the truth in love.
We give permission to hold each other accountable to honor our commitments.

5. We will pursue spiritual growth in all its forms.
We will allow what we learn to change the way we think and act. We seek to grow both numerically and spiritually.

6. We are team-led and team-driven.
Believing that there is strength in teams, we are committed to the team paradigm and intentionally seek those who are faithful, intentional, and teachable.

7. We equip and empower personnel.
We are permission-granting within agreed upon parameters. People are free to maximize their gifts and abilities. Leaders function as facilitators and ministry coaches who come alongside team members to empower and train them.

8. We set goals in keeping with our mission.
We keep both visionary, long-term goals in mind as well as short-term, micro goals on weekly, monthly and yearly bases. All goals fall under the parameters of our mission statement.

9. We evaluate our effectiveness.
Because we are accountable to God, we must examine our goals and their completion. Listening to the Spirit’s promptings, we will adjust our goals accordingly.