In the fall of 1962, five couples met for a weekly Bible study. Spring of 1963 brought yet another couple. This Bible study group began to formulate a formal Affirmation of Faith founded on mission and doctrine statements. This Affirmation of Faith was in agreement with that of the Evangelical Free church movement.

Faith Evangelical Free church began conducting services on July 7, 1963. it held its first worship service, not in a lavish building, but rather in the upper room of what was then a local grocery store in the tiny farming community of Stanley, Wisconsin. Interim pastors served the Sunday morning and evening services for the first three months. In the fall of 1963, the first pastor was installed.

Picture17The ministries of the church grew, and by July of 1964, it was apparent that it was time to begin a building program. One of the founding members donated the land on which our current facility is located. By Christmas of 1965, the building held its first worship service and the Sunday School Christmas Program. Dedication services for the new facility were held July 24, 1966., with the president of the Evangelical Free church of America as the guest speaker.

In August of 1979, Faith Christian Academy was opened. Construction of the new sanctuary began in May of 1981 and was dedicated on May 23, 1982. This is the same building in use today.

The building has been improved over the years, but the biggest change has been the increase of souls touched by the various ministries this building has housed.

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