Sermon Archives: March2017

Michael Unterschuetz
March 26, 2017

John Series (58) Jesus Wept… Why?

Jesus, while under much pressure, still took time to minister to those in need. He called them by name. He is calling you by name today. How will you respond? John Series (58) Jesus Wept..Why

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Pastor Mike Thompson
March 21, 2017

John Series (57) Jesus.. Resurrection and Life

If you are a Christ follower and your situations looks hopeless it could be that God is setting things up for a God sized miracle. And if your problem is life threatening know that the stage is being set with the guarantee of Jesus for a God sighting…or at worst your resurrection.

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Pastor Mike Thompson
March 12, 2017

John Series (56) Your Illness, God’s Glory

The last time we were in the John text we read about Jesus returning to the place at which He was Baptized by John The Baptist. This was the place at which John The Baptist declared prophetically Jesus Christ as the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. When Jesus returned…

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Pastor Jenny Hatleli
March 5, 2017