Sermon Archives: August2016

Pastor Mike Thompson
August 28, 2016

John Series (46) Illness, Who Sinned?

In our last message from John we finished up chapter 8 which was the account of Jesus in the temple engaged in ministry during the Feast of Booths. In our text for today we will read about an event that occurred when Jesus and large crowds were leaving the feast.

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Dave Kallenbach
August 14, 2016

Love Greater Than Organized Religion

Thank you to Dave Kallenbach for stepping up to be our guest preacher this week! His message is about Love being greater than Organized religion. Check it out!

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Pastor Brian Cole
August 7, 2016

Brian’s Farewell Message

Thank you to Pastor Brian for his years of service to our church and community. You will truly be missed…Check out Pastor Brian’s Final Farewell Message. Read Acts 2:42-47

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