Sermon Archives: December2015

Pastor Brian Cole
December 27, 2015

Life As Worship

As we leave Bethlehem, as we leave hearing about Jesus, we should have left behind much of ourselves: old grudges, fears and sorrows. We now continue our adventure in life radically different: by praising God and by walking on new and better roads.  

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Dave Kallenbach
December 24, 2015

Waiting For Christmas

We welcomed back to Faith Free Stanley, guest speaker Dave Kallenbach for our Christmas Eve Service. His message is a powerful one about what our hearts are anticipating and are they pointed in the right direction? Check it out!

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Pastor Mike Thompson
December 20, 2015

John Series (29) Despite the Witnesses – Failure to Believe

Jesus Christ the Son of God changes everything. Knowing Him as Lord and Savior and King of our life begins to apply those changes to each of our lives. Today we will hear Jesus speak to religious leaders. He tells them He has witnesses that authenticate Him as The Son of God and Messiah. He…

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Mark Halvorsen
December 13, 2015

Jesus Changes Everything

This week we welcomed Mark Halvorsen as a guest speaker as part of his internship in becoming a preacher. Mark spoke about the way that ‘Jesus Changes Everything’ and the 3 signs of the coming Messiah that were fulfilled by Jesus. Check it out! Take notes!

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Pastor Mike Thompson
December 6, 2015

Return From Liberia – Testimony

We welcome our pastor, Pastor Mike, home from his 3 week mission trip to Liberia. Sunday he spoke about his time there and gave amazing testimony. Check it out and praise God for awesome opportunities like these!

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